9 'students in scientific breakthroughs' (and 'young canadian student')

Nine students. Nine innovations. Nine reasons to return faith in humanity

Canada is home to many young people who are constantly trying to bring about change in the world. From social activism to charity, the valithy country of our country has done a lot to pay and use its talents for the great deeds. And we are proud of each of them.

Dan Alferov | London, ON

A.B. Lucas ' high school

17-year-old Dan Alferov, called "Young-Canadian Innovator", has found a way

Aisha Parwan | Toronto, ON

Catholic High School

A project entitled "Combining Gold Nanoparticles with Indian and Panitumab to Inhibit Cancer." The name may seem frightening, but the impact it can have on the recovery of cancer patients is, of course, not. With Parven

Alex Dean | Windsor, WCL

Académie Ste. Cecile

The recipient of the "Weston Youth Innovation" award in 2015, at the age of 18, Alex Dans invented a new technology that would help people with vision impairing.

Aditya Mohan | Ottawa, ON

Colonel, high school

Aditya Mohan is a young guy with a real, intense research work. At the age of 18, Mohan won the competition "Sanofi Biogenei Canada", which notes the achievements of students in biotechnology. In fact, he is

Arjun Nair | Calgary, AB

When Arjun Nair discovered that several patients with sclerosis could avoid wheelchair spaces, if they received earlier diagnoses, he immediately went to work on the solution. At the age of 17, Nair developed

Sandrine Bayard, QC

Cégep de Sen-il

After Sandrine Bayar's grandmother suffered severe pain when she removed the bandage, she decided to come up with something that would make life for all the victims more painless. "Le pansement qui" (The Bandage That Thinks) is a special

Austin Van | Vancouver, BC

David Thompson High School

Austin Wan attempted to create a cleaner production method. He performed this feat

Gajasan Tennaq | Ottawa, ON

Cedar Secondary School

At the age of 13, she decided to challenge the methods used to extract bitumen from the oil sands of Alberta. Rather than using the current system on a water basis to obtain oil, Tenako proposes to use organic compounds (such as kerosene and toluene) much better and "

Samna Aziz | Hilton, ON

Westmount High School

The students of the 11th grade and Manning, Samna Aziz, conducted strong studies of osteoporosis, of which 1 out of 10 Canadians over 40 years old. The aim was to find a better way to replace the weak bones of patients, as the current material used in cement could contain toxic materials that could adversely affect the organism as a cement age. "The basis of my project is to redevelop standard acrylic cement stones in biodegradable materials," Aziz said

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